Patient Improvement Report

What Patients are Saying...

I had a lot of problems with my hips, especially the right hip, lower back and left knee. Dr. Schatzle had me wear a support belt for 3 months and appointments twice a week. This was 16 months ago.

Last fall we sold our second home in Colorado, which involved a great deal of physical work, landscaping, moving furniture and packing and moving boxes. No problems! This January I went on a photographic workshop to Cuba, which was very challenging in many ways, including long hours and carrying a camera bag through streets with potholes, etc. It was an amazing trip and I returned in good shape, thanks to AMIT.

I now see Dr. Schatzle every 4-6 weeks. I still have a somewhat stiff lower back and occasional hip discomfort, so I continue to take advantage of AMIT sessions and the decompression table. Only rarely do I wear the support belt. YEAH!

Aug . 2017 - I was experiencing constant lower back pain on the right side when I had my first appointment with Dr. Schatzle. My whole body was leaning to my right and it was painful to walk and even worse to sit!

Oct. 2017 - My body is a "happy" body, now aligned and no longer in constant pain. Walking and sitting without pain, going about my daily life without taking 400 mg of Ibuprofen every 4 hours and resuming physical activities like gardening, bowling and dancing are part of life again.
Thank you Dr. Schatzle and Back to Health staff

I have been coming to Dr. Schatzle for chiropractic for years now.  Our first meeting was around an accident where I fell on my head – straight on. He helped me through that crisis in an amazing way. But, recently I had an injury in NIA Class where I got too enthusiastic and threw my hip out – heard and felt a “POP” and subsequently could not walk.  My fear was that I had dislocated something in the hip socket – I would never be able to walk or dance again.  I came straight away to Dr. Schatzle. He worked on me that day in a thorough and systematic way.  That night was tolerable, the next day I was 50% better, the next day I was 90% better and the next day I was 100% better. I was amazed and so thankful! I said to Dr. Schatzle he was a miracle worker!  The truth is he is a caring, very knowledgeable, and incredible caretaker and physician! - M.S.

I would like to take a moment and sincerely thank you for helping me get off my cane, back upright, andenjoying an active lifestyle again. The road has been rough, navigating through the New Mexico Veterans Affairs and finding the right doctor who was able to refer me to your wonderful clinic. Thank you for being there for me, and treating me like someone who is capable of getting better. I was injured in combat while serving with the USMC Infantry, in Marja, Afghanistan, by a roadside lED (bomb). Myhip and leg took some shrapnel and I have been pretty much immobile since then, only moving around with a cane and a painful limp. Dr. Chaz Schatzle and the Back to Health Wellness staff have been a saving grace by helping me get back on my feet and off the chair. The level of professionalism and clean atmosphere make the visit very pleasurable and relaxing, and the tables are all very comfortable. I would recommend Back to Health Wellness to anyone who needs to feel better physically and get off of medication to mask the pain. Dr. Schatzle can help. Thank you very much Back to Health Wellness! - K.C.

I’m 63 and healthier now than I’ve ever been in my life. This is due to hard work on my part and to the awesome skills of my chiropractor, Dr. Schatzle. To those of you who’ve never met “Dr. Schatzle”, you’re in for many surprises.  I’ve worked with chiropractors for over 30 years and have been treated by some of the best but none like Dr. Schatzle. Most stick strictly to the spine, but we have so many other joints that get out of whack. Dr. Schatzle fixed two toes that have been locked and painful for over 25 years. The arthritis in my wrists and thumbs, that I was told couldn’t be helped other than with pain killers and splints are now realigned, strong and pain free. My left knee, that always to my farthest memory, kept my left foot pointed out, is back in alignment and my foot goes forward as it should to match my right.  Dr. Schatzle is the only chiropractor I’ve known that works using both training and intuition, realigning energy flow as well as bones. He listens…with his whole being to his patients, and when you’re done and all is straight and true, he gets the most wonderful smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.  Your health is the best reward he receives for his training, hard work, and skill. I recommend him to all I meet, who have spine or joint pain. He is my doctor, my friend, and my partner in my ongoing healing. With my head now on straight, my whole out look on life has changed. The old saying “straighten up and fly right” come to mind. This is what I’m able to do now, thanks to Dr. Schatzle. - C.C.

I had a great deal of neck and lower back pain. I was also suffering with depression and menopausal symptoms.  I was miserable.  Now I feel great! I have an overall sense of well-being and tons of energy. I was very skeptical at first but as I continued with the program I quickly began to feel better. It’s nice to know I am helping my body help itself. - J.M.

I was so sick, out of balance with pain in the ear and head, nauseous and feeling just terrible. I have gone to see two doctors only to get medications. They didn’t find anything wrong, but I kept feeling worse and worse. Now I am almost all better. I felt much better the same day. I could sleep. The pain was almost all gone and no more out of balance and nausea. I am so grateful I am back. - I.H.

I have been in major pain off and on for 12 years. My lower back problems were causing problems in my upper back and neck.  My neck problem would come back every month. I was getting headaches every week.  Acupuncture helped, but did not get rid of the problem.  No regular doctor could do anything for me. Now - I haven’t had neck pain for 8 months. My lower back pain comes back much less often now, and when it does Dr. Schatzle helps me get it under control. The exercises have helped enormously, as I have much more core strength to help support my back – best thing I ever did for myself. - M.B.

Before I started my treatment my mobility was limited. Since I started my treatments I have progressively improved and my body seems to be accepting the treatments that have been prescribed for me.  The exercises that I have done here and at home per your direction have increasingly allowed me to function in a manner of which I had not been able to do since my injury. Now I feel extremely fortunate that my progress with your therapy is due totally to your medical treatment and direction and hopefully I will overcome this ordeal.  I appreciate your concern and professionalism with my recovery. Thank you. - J.C.

When I first came in I was off balance, not holding adjustments well, had chronically poor digestion, lots of low back, hip, and neck pain along with some radiating pain and numbness into one foot. I had been unable to completely overcome a seasonal cold for several months. I had been struggling for the previous 2 years to quit smoking and my lungs were suffering. Overall, I felt fragile and sensitive and needed support. Now my overall lifestyle is much more healthy. My struggle with smoking is long over and my lungs are healed and strong.  My digestion has improved greatly.  I have no more neurological pain.  I have not gotten sick at all.  My aches are mostly gone, only stress induced. Overall, I now feel strong and resilient. I am proud of myself and my body.  Only 6 months of treatment during the most physically challenging year of my life and I feel strong and supported, like I can withstand anything life throws at me. - S.S.

I was in a holding pattern of feeling pretty good, but there was a sense of underlying fatigue and inconsistent vitality along with ongoing digestive issues and chronic muscular tension. Now I feel a much stronger and more constant sense of foundational health and vitality. The underlying sense of fatigue is gone. Also my digestive issues seem totally remediated and my chronic tension has basically disappeared. I am extremely grateful and appreciative to Dr. Schatzle. - R.A.

I was clenching my teeth in pain after driving to the store (3 miles). Could not sit without intense pain for 2-3 weeks. After seeing Dr. Schatzle two or three times a week for about three weeks, I drove to Tuscan almost pain free! After a few more sessions I have been able to do construction work without pain. I am amazed and grateful. - I.S.

I had severe lower back pain after walking just 3 or 4 miles and the inflammation would continue for days preventing me to do more hiking. After regular treatments with Dr. Schatzle, I went for a trip to Peru hiking several days in a row for miles with high elevation change, 1000 feet up and down. I did not feel any pain and could walk with the group. No pain of any sort. What a great improvement! Thanks, Dr. Schatzle. - M.S.

I have been treated by Dr. Schatzle for the past several months for neck and back pain and migraine headaches. I believe that Dr. Schatzle’s treatments have helped my symptoms a great deal. I find myself having less pain and fewer headaches. I recommend Dr. Schatzle highly. - C.H.

For a couple of months, I had been developing body pain. I would wake up in the night hurting all over. My toes and calves would cramp and my leg muscles bubbled so that my shin muscles hurt in the morning. During the day, my hips also ached and sitting was uncomfortable. I just generally felt uncomfortable and decrepit. Of all those symptoms, I now only have a small amount of bubbling in my legs at night, and I have no general discomfort whatever. I feel at ease, confident, youthful, back to the self I had taken for granted for about 65 years. - E.H.

I was in constant back pain for 3 days. Nothing helped, even pain meds. I had one treatment with Dr Schatzle and the pain was significantly reduced. After the next treatment, it was gone completely. Once the immediate, urgent problem was handled, I asked him to help me avoid back surgery for a herniated disc (L3-4-5) injury 4 months ago that 2 neurosurgeons have declared will require surgery, based on their interpretations of MRI

Dr Schatzle has begun a treatment program that has brought heretofore unimaginable pain relief, restoration of balance and stamina, and renewed comfort with being in my body unlike any single treatment program I've ever experienced. With Dr Schatzle's professional care, I fell confident that I will be able to repair my multiple issues and avoid surgery altogether. It doesn't matter that he's a nice, kind person with a strong in integrity; what matters is he gets results. I look forward to continuing treatment with him and to the healthy body he has pledged to help me achieve. -JS